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TitleThe Graveyard
Cute and Creepy Halloween Shoot
StatusRemastered - Final
Animated Fun3
Shoot Date2006-10-16
Release Date2020-10-19
face down ass up

The Graveyard
Cute and Creepy Halloween Shoot
Kari Sweets

hell-flash avatarAfter spending several hours days with this Halloween themed photo set and video, my fondness for Kari and that sweet and juicy ass of hers has increased again. This set is cute AND it's creepy. I will explain more on that below. Overall though, Felix and Kari nailed this set. His lighting is great, her hair is fantastic, the poses are hot, and the video is delightful, funny, and most importantly—sexy.

The Cute Part

What's cute about this set? Well, the graveyard set up. Probably Felix's doing, but still... kind of funny... and in a way... cute. LMAO! Then there is Kari's gorgeous smile. It shows itself a lot. And probably, just watching the entire nine minute video of the tape rip clips will give you an endearing feeling about this girl. There is something about Miss Sweets that does that to you, especially in this set's video.

teen legs with ruffle socks and high heels
In keeping with the "cute" topic above, I decided to share this cute screenshot. I do not know exactly why this picture is one of my favorite glimpses from this sets video, but it certainly is. The legs, the fair skin, the black ruffle socks! This visual has the same effect on me as does grocery shopping when you are starving, and you make the mistake of walking by the bakery's donut display. Do you drool all over yourself? I do...

The Creepy Part

Imagine this. You are going through a photo set in full view mode. So one picture at a time. Oh that's hot... next, oh that's not... next, oh... what the fuck! You see a picture with Kari's ass semi spread and the creepy black gloved hand copping a little ass spread action. I was a little shocked, I had never seen anything like this in regards to Kari, have you? So um... lucky day today, for you– it is! Did you ever imagine that you would see anything remotely close to this?

In other creepy news... while watching/editing the original footage, I noticed a lot of really hot shots of the sexy teen. The thought of adding a little Halloween darkness with some slomo, great cuts, and a sinister music track became overwhelming.

So I immediately went on a search for music. About six hours later, I had created a two-minute "creepy" mash-up. LOL! It was worth it though, I really like how it turned out. I hope that you enjoy the video and this third and final set release!

Animated Fun Sample

teen legs with ruffle socks and high heels
This is one of three "Animated Fun" Gifs that I created from the video footage. Have you ever seen Kari like this? Imagined her like this? Well, I can help you with the visuals! If you like this one, you will definately like the other two animations from this set that are available for members. See you inside...

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Cute and Creepy Halloween Shoot

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Photo SetRemastered - Final4368 x 291247303.82 MBZip File
SD - Wide VideoOriginal Tape Rip Clips852 x 4801375.05 MBMP4 Video
SD - Wide Videophil-flash Mash-Up852 x 4801116.68 MBMP4 Video

Showcase Kari Sweets

vertical video screenshot collage
big Irish smile
panties down
squeezing soap down chest and belly
sexy brown eyez
wearing make me purr sweatpants
curvy bikini shot
bent over whereing over the knee socks and roller skates
Kari on a nature trail unbuttoning her jeans
sitting properly in schoolgirl uniform with bubble gum machine on lap
sitting in a tree with panty crotch showing
panties pulled down showing shiny greasy butt cheeks
sheer pussy
standing in grass with summer dress
touching the ceiling with both hands and hair down
sitting legs open
arms up stretched boody
showing Hooters outfit booty
Kari lying on bed wearing jeans with legs wide open

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