Kari Sweets lying on her bellyKari Sweets lying on her belly

Model Data Kari Sweets

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Webcam Videos20
Animated Fun77
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DOBJune 16
Height5' 3"
Weight115 lbs.
bent over washing the car hood

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phil-fucking-flash avatarKari Sweets is an amateur teen model that was shot by a great photographer named Felix. He and I have been friends since 2002, when this entire non nude thing started. Him and I are literally the only two in the non nude niche that are still kicking. People used to call me the King of Non Nude... but I am going to add Felix and say that we are the Kings of Non Nude. He rules the west coast and I rule the midwest.

Below are some stats including how many updates the site currently has. This number will increase in the weeks and months ahead, as Felix has given me 256 sets that are already edited and in full resolution. As I can process them into galleries I will release small batches until all 256 sets are published. At the same time, I will process NEVER BEFORE SEEN content as well as remaster already released content.

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The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

Bootyful Kari

shorts pulled down thong ass
panties down
one knee on a photography stool
lace panty butt
panties pulled down showing shiny greasy butt cheeks
panty butt

Sexy Kari

sitting legs open
leggy fishnet thigh highs and heels
sitting in a tree with panty crotch showing
legs open
outdoor natural hair light
Kari with dark makeup

Kari on All Fours???

on all fours
face down ass up
on all fours

Kari Being Kari

lying down cute candid

School Time

colorful outfit in front of painting
sitting properly in schoolgirl uniform with bubble gum machine on lap
schoolgirl opening her locker
kneeling in an office chair
turn around panty butt
holding schoolgirl skirt

Stunning Kari

standing with fingers in belt loops
looking down candid
sitting legs open
holding cowboy hat
wearing bra on head
holding a candy cane

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